Geopark Landscape Břidlice

... where the slate heart beats ...

Come with us to a landscape of rounded green pastures, deep valleys carved by old rivers and streams, a landscape of spurs of forests and lonely groups of trees in the hills hiding old quarries and mines. Visit the scenery of green corners alternating with grey-silvery heaps of shale, rock outcrops covered with larches, pines, birches and colourful flowers.

In the valleys and hills of this region, the surfaces of the lakes of flooded quarries glisten, sometimes with clear water, sometimes overgrown with algae, hiding countless species of aquatic animals. One of the greatest features of this landscape is the mystery of the land. Deep shale mines - man-made structures that have been built over several centuries. Join us on a journey to see the admirable creations of our ancestors, memorable mining buildings, urban and rural architecture, castles, ruins of castles and still preserved technical monuments. In this long-neglected region there are plenty of opportunities and places for a quiet stay, for your leisure time.

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